Continuous Development

Performance Management: IMPACT

Gunnebo is committed to a performance management culture that fosters and rewards excellent performance.

Our development review process facilitates the alignment of our organisational goals with personal action plans that are designed to foster your career path. 

Effective performance management combines the efforts of managers and employees with departmental and functional goals.

You, your manager and the organisation are critical members of a partnership that is built on performance planning, review, coaching and development.

Gunnebo DRIVE

A Single Platform to Manage Your Development at Work

Gunnebo uses a cloud-based platform for all employee data, enabling transparency, consistency and accuracy in matching performance with individual development throughout your career at Gunnebo, while giving you greater control over your working life. 

Gunnebo DRIVE is a standard approach in all Gunnebo companies for managing performance and development through better visibility and transparency. 

You have direct access to your own personal data and information shared with your manager, through the common Gunnebo DRIVE platform for setting performance targets and establishing learning goals. 

Gunnebo Drive also includes e-learning with a course catalogue for employee training as well as a reward bundle to manage compensation and benefits.

Development Programmes


For senior managers who typically report to a member of the Group's management team. Focuses on developing strategic business leadership and giving delegates a deeper insight into the Group's strategic agenda.

Road to Growth

For mid-level managers who typically report to someone who would qualify for the Challenger programme. Focuses on developing strategic leadership skills and finding new ways of achieving business growth by collaborating across the Group.


Focuses on giving line managers at all levels of the organisation the skills to become a strong leader within the company with an emphasis on communication and team-building.