Annual General Meetings

Gunnebo's AGM is held in Gothenburg no later than six months after the end of the financial year. The time and venue for the AGM are announced, at the latest, in connection with the interim report for the third quarter.

The notice to attend the AGM is published 4-6 weeks before the AGM. The notice to attend is published via Post- och Inrikes Tidningar and the company's website. An announcement that the notice to attend has been published will appear in Dagens Industri and Göteborgs-Posten.

At the AGM, the shareholders are informed about the development of the company and the Group over the past year, and decisions are made regarding, for instance, the company's and Group's income statements and balance sheets, allocation of the company's profit, discharge from liability for the Board members and CEO, selection of and remuneration for the Board, and some other issues in accordance with legislation or the Articles of Association.

A shareholder is also entitled to have an issue addressed at the AGM, provided that the Board has been sent a request regarding this no later than one week before the notice to attend may be published. The issue will be addressed also if the request is received later than this date, if it can be included in the notice to attend.

Shareholders who wish to participate in and vote for their shares at the AGM must have their names entered in the register of shareholders and notify Gunnebo by a particular time. Shareholders who are unable to attend in person may be represented through an agent. The notice to attend the AGM specifies how to register with the company and has other information about participating in the AGM.