Capital Markets Day 2018

Gunnebo's Capital Markets Day 2018 was held in Stockholm, Sweden on November 15. It was attended by around 40 analysts, fund managers, investors and journalists.   


The Capital Markets Day opened with a strategic update from the Group’s President and CEO, Henrik Lange.


"Due to our history of acquisitions, Gunnebo today has a broad offering with a different go-to-market model by product. Where competition is focused by product, Gunnebo has had a strong geographic focus for the last couple of years. To better leverage growth and profitability, we will get a clearer focus by product going forward, which is reflected in the way we organise, govern and externally report our business as of July 19."

"The planned divestment of the French, Belgian and Luxembourg businesses allows Gunnebo to take the next step and become a more product-focused company that will allow better customer focus, clearer ownership and accountability across the organisation, good utilisation of competence and knowledge in the Group as well as prioritise growth opportunities and innovation."

The day then continued with strategic updates from respective Business Unit SVPs as well as a financial update from Gunnebo’s CFO, Susanne Larsson.