Cash Logistik Security AG and Gunnebo Cash Management Strengthen Partnership

German paytech provider, Cash Logistik Security AG, has signed an agreement with Swedish cash management provider, Gunnebo Cash Management, for the delivery of cash deposit hardware, software and services to over 1,000 petrol stations.

The groundbreaking deal extends a long-term relationship between the two companies who have worked together for many years delivering end-to-end cash handling solutions to the German market.

Working with retail customers and financial institutions, Cash Logistik offers cash-in-transit, cash processing and payment transactions services with smart safe solutions and technical services from Gunnebo Cash Management.

“Gunnebo is ranked as the market-leading supplier of automated cash handling solutions to retailers in the EMEA region,” says Cash Logistik. “Together with Gunnebo we can offer a process to manage cash that gives our retail customers improved efficiency as well as increased security.”

“Due to its cooperation with a leading German bank, Cash Logistik are among very few companies in the German market who process monetary transactions according to banking standards as well as the corresponding security standards,” says Christian Weisser, SVP Gunnebo Cash Management. “We are proud to continue building on our strong working partnership together.”

About Cash Logistik Security AG
Cash Logistik is a service provider within the cash and valuables focusing on solutions for cash supply and cash collection processes. Customers include large retail chain stores, small and large retail businesses, banks and institutions.

About Gunnebo Cash Management 
Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services including closed cash handling, cash recycling and cash deposit. Its solutions reduce the cost of handling notes and coins across the cash ecosystem and make create a safer, more efficient cash cycle.

For more information please visit the Gunnebo Cash Management website or contact:
Deirdre Doyle
Head of Marketing & Communications, Gunnebo Cash Management, +34 607 240 130