In Search of Brilliant Minds – Gunnebo Launches New Trainee Programme: Upskill

Upskill will target university graduates around the world and bring talents and a new way of thinking to Gunnebo. In October 2020, Gunnebo will begin to look for applicants among university graduates to take part in the newly established Upskill Trainee Programme.

We are investing in this programme now because we believe in our future – and a key part of that future is bringing new talent into the organisation. We want to recruit individuals who not only support and contribute to our business, but also have the skills to challenge us,” says Stefan Syrén, President & CEO, Gunnebo.

Gunnebo has been investing in leadership development via a portfolio of programmes for many years now and Upskill will be an important addition. Somewhere between 8-10 talented graduates will be recruited to the programme, which is expected to kick off in February 2021, and each talent will take up a role within one of our Business Units: Entrance Control, Safe Storage and Cash Management.

The HR team within Gunnebo has started to identify employees who will act as a buddy to the new recruits during the process. The buddies will support the trainees with their projects and will also participate in several steps of the training. Upskill will take the best from both worlds. It will bring recent graduates onboard, teach them the job and develop a work. At the same time, it will involve several already established employees and give them the chance to be “upskilled” in a number of areas in conjunction with delivering the projects. This forms the core idea of the set-up: combining fresh, outside ideas with internal insights.

As an international, culturally diverse organisation, Gunnebo is a company where graduates can really bloom. Our hope is that the trainees will develop with us and become the future of the company while injecting us with energy and lots of new competence,” says Stefan Syrén, President & CEO Gunnebo.

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