Gunnebo Steps Up European Growth Strategy with Four New Distributors

Gunnebo is delighted to announce new distribution partnerships with European industry specialists in four geographic sectors:

  • Profsafe in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • Loomis in Finland
  • Nauta in the Netherlands
  • Ferrimax in Italy.

Pursuing its strategic plan, Gunnebo is forging a partnership model for sales and distribution of safes under the Chubbsafes brand. An important aspect of Gunnebo’s approach in its Safe Storage Business Unit is to differentiate its go-to-market model between direct and indirect sales for Chubbsafes products.

Profsafe AB has almost 30 years of experience in delivering safe storage solutions in the Nordics and is part of the Lagercrantz Group AB. Loomis Suomi Oy is the Finnish branch of Loomis, the global cash handling company.  Nauta Security Storage BV is active in the Dutch and Belgian markets, supplying a range of safes and locks. Ferrimax is a leading physical security company in southern Europe. The partnerships are all in place from January, 2021.

“In 2019 and 2020, Gunnebo entered into partnerships with the market-leading distributors of safes in the UK and Iberia, Insafe and Ferrimax. With the appointment of four additional partners we will have excellent coverage in the Nordic region, the Netherlands and Italy,” says Stefan Syrén, Gunnebo’s President & CEO.

“These partnerships enable Gunnebo to focus on what we are really good at – utilising our customer and industry knowledge to drive innovation and provide world-class solutions in the field of valuables protection.”

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Syrén, President & CEO, tel. +46 721 864 044

Suzanne Quinn, Director European Partner Sales, tel. +49 89 24416 3557

The Gunnebo Group operates worldwide providing innovative products, software and services to control the flow of valuables, cash and people. Gunnebo offers entrance control, safe storage, cash management and integrated security solutions to customers primarily within retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings, industrial & high-risk sites and banking. The Group has a turnover of MSEK 5,500.