Gunnebo Launches Office Security Gate Monitoring App

Gunnebo Entrance Control today announced the launch of EntraLinq, a new software as a service (SaaS) application providing remote monitoring and control of office building accesses. The app, which connects to Gunnebo speed gates, delivers both intuitive yet in-depth visibility of building access processes and performance, serving as an easy at hand decision-making support tool for managing people flow, maintenance and security as efficiently as possible. 

EntraLinq uses the intelligence and connectivity provided by Gunnebo gates to offer the customer complete control and visibility of their access security. Whether for a single access point or for multiple sites around the world, the application provides complete onsite and remote access via a smartphone or tablet.

“This is a game changer for the market. Our gates have become more and more intelligent and connected; it is now time to harness the potential of the data they generate into intuitively designed applications that support our customers’ processes” says Henrik Lång, Product Manager.

The app is designed to address three core functions that enable customers to easily and efficiently manage the diversity of needs for office building access.

  • Control: To provide full remote control of multiple connected access points that allow receptionists to optimise people flow and focus on hospitality. 
  • Health: To monitor the operational status of each access point, allowing maintenance providers the reporting capabilities needed to maximise uptime and guarantee continuity of their building access.
  • Process: To provide visibility of real-time and historical people flow process data, helping security management to gain insights and foresee behavioural patterns necessary to plan and streamline the deployment of security resources.

The three core functions of EntraLinq support customers and users with the day-to-day decision making at all levels of the organisation, from receptionist to security, to facility and maintenance managers to HR.  

Our goal is to quickly support our various customers and market segments with the tailored help of decision-making apps that address the main challenges of controlling access in various environments. While being the first of it’s kind in the industry, EntraLinq is only the beginning” says Raphael Roy, VP Business Development, Product Management & Marketing.

EntraLinq will be available starting May 11 2021 on a subscription basis.

For more information, please visit  or contact:

Henrik Lång, Product Manager, Gunnebo Entrance Control

+44 (0)7919 217764


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