In its present form, the Gunnebo Group is a young company. But it has an industrial heritage going back 250 years.


Gunnebo was delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm and the last day for trading was 9 December 2020. Gunnebo is owned by GB HoldCo which is indirectly owned by Altor Fund Manager AB and Stena Adactum AB. 


Gunnebo acquires Czech Cominfo a.s. Stefan Syrén appointed President and CEO of the Gunnebo Group.


Gunnebo divests its businesses in France, Belgium and Luxembourg and organises its business after product offering in the four Business Units Safe Storage, Cash Management, Entrance Control and Integrated Security (renamed Other Business from 2020).


Henrik Lange takes over as President and CEO of the Gunnebo Group. The Gunnebo Group acquires Spanish cash handling supplier, Grupo Sallén Tech S.L. 


The Gunnebo Group acquires Clear Image, a provider of electronic security solutions and security services in the UK, and Mexican security services company, Dissamex.

Representative offices are opened in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey and Myanmar.


The Gunnebo Group acquires all the shares in leading Korean turnstiles distributor, ATG Entrance Corporation and establishes its own sales company in South Korea.

The Group also expands with new representative offices in Thailand and Myanmar.


Gunnebo Malaysia opens its doors becoming the 32nd local sales company in the Gunnebo Group.

Overview of all locations

The Gunnebo Group acquires Hamilton Safe, the second largest supplier of safes to banks and government authorities in the USA.


The Gunnebo Group increases its ownership in Brazilian joint venture, Gateway Security SA, to create a platform for expansion in South America.

Gunnebo Perimeter Protection is divested to Procuritas Capital Investors IV.

The Gunnebo Group acquires Alltech, a South-African manufacturer of entrance security solutions with a market-leading position on the African market.

The Gunnebo Group opens its first factory in China. The Kunshan plant will supply security solutions for public transport metro systems.


Gunnebo China is established and offices open in Shanghai.

The Gunnebo Group acquires the Security Products division of API Security Holdings, a market leader in Australia supplying safes and cash handling solutions to the bank, retail and commercial sectors.

The Gunnebo-owned, mesh-panel producer, Troax, is sold to Accent Equity.


Per Borgvall takes over as President and CEO of the Gunnebo Group.


Gunnebo AB begins the process of integrating the acquisitions made over the previous 12 years into the Gunnebo Group.

Overview of acquisitions and divestments


Göran Gezelius is appointed President and CEO of the Gunnebo AB.

Gunnebo Industries is split off from the rest of the organisation. 


Gunnebo AB enters into a period of acquiring multiple companies from around the world which specialise in security solutions.

This includes Fichet-Bauche, a listed company on the French stock exchange with a history in safes dating back to 1825, and Chubbsafes, a globally recognised brand of safes established in the UK in 1818. See Brands.


Gunnebo Industries is acquired by venture capital company, HIDEF. HIDEF changes its name to Gunnebo AB and Gunnebo becomes listed on Nasdaq Stockholm for the first time. The new company will focus on delivering security solutions around the globe.

The roots of the company

Gunnebo gets its name from the village of Gunnebo in the south-east of Sweden. It was here that Hans Hultman opened a forge in 1764 and started to produce hammers.

The business grew steadily until the formation of Gunnebo Bruks Nya AB in 1889 which had several metal-working factories

This company later became known as Gunnebo Industries.