Responsible Employer

Gunnebo works purposefully to create a common culture, with dedicated employees who take responsibility, work together and have an inclusive approach.

Gunnebo employs 4,200 people and has several production units across the world. We follow existing legislation in terms of employment law, environmental regulations and health and safety standards.

We strive to be an employer that offers equal opportunities for all employees.

As a global employer we have a responsibility to:

  • respect our employees’ rights
  • provide a secure and appropriate working environment
  • provide non-discriminatory working conditions
  • promote the development of new skills to ensure employee satisfaction

Occupational Health and Safety

It is Gunnebo’s responsibility to make sure that the Group provides a safe working environment. Gunnebo cannot accept any event that could result in a worker being seriously injured. Gunnebo attaches great importance to maintaining and improving the conditions for employee health and safety at its manufacturing units.

Key parameters are measured to achieve Gunnebo’s level of ambition in this area, and these parameters are defined in OHSAS 18001.

Gunnebo’s aim is that all manufacturing units should be certified to the OHSAS 18001 management system for health and safety. At the end of 2019, seven out of nine units were certified according to this standard.