Clara Colomes

Learning & Development Manager
Gunnebo AB
Johan på Gårdas gata 7
412 50 Gothenburg

“Small enough to see your ideas come true, big enough to realise your career goals.”


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Responsible Employer

As a global employer, Gunnebo adopts a sustainable approach to business and respects the rights and safety of its workers.

Employee Stories

What is it like to work for a global security company? Gunnebo employees tell their stories.

​Per Karlsson

Enterprise Systems Manager

"For me it's where you can make a difference - I want to work somewhere where I can have an impact."

​Meet Per

​Dee Doyle

Marketing Manager, Cash Management

"The best opportunity I've had is to travel and to meet people from all over the world."

​Meet Dee

​Robert Hermans

​SVP Business Unit Entrance Control

"Gunnebo is really a place where you can grow - it's a dynamic environment with quick decision-making."

​Meet Robert

​Nathan Atterbury

VP Supply Chain, Safe Storage

"The opportunities within Gunnebo are huge - we are a truly international organisation."

Meet Nathan

Continuous Development

Gunnebo is committed to a culture that fosters and rewards excellent performance.

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